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Tytuł :
State-of-the-art Laser Gas Sensing Technologies
Autorzy :
Ma, Yufei
Vicet, Aurore
Krzempek, Karol
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Temat :
tunable mid-infrared solid-state laser
thermal control
all-fiber laser
thermoelectric cooling
finite-element analysis
optical parametric oscillator
Tm,Ho:LuVO4 laser
graphene saturable absorber
optical parametric oscillator (OPO)
MgO:PPLN crystal
continuous-wave (CW)
diffuse integrating cavity
gas detection
quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy
quartz tuning fork
gas sensing
detection limit
laser spectroscopy
practical applications
real-time observation
optical sensing
stokes vectors
information processing technology
tunable laser absorption spectroscopy
mid-infrared fingerprint spectrum
broadband spectrum
trace gas detection
wavelength modulation spectroscopy
quantum cascade lasers
interband cascade lasers
carbon dioxide monitoring
absorption spectroscopy
temperature compensation
wavelength modulation
methane detection
support vector machine
chicken swarm optimization
concentration prediction
combustion diagnostic
femtosecond laser
two-photon femtosecond laser-induced fluorescence
femtosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
femtosecond laser electronic excitation tagging
filament-induced nonlinear spectroscopy
femtosecond laser-induced plasma spectroscopy
hollow-core photonic crystal fiber
GRIN fiber probe
coupling efficiency
C2H2 detection
time division multiplexing differential modulation
a multi-reflection chamber
laser absorption spectroscopy (LAS)
combustion sensing
direct absorption spectroscopy (DAS)
wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS)
design optimization
noise reduction algorithms
tunable diode laser
frequency modulation spectroscopy
two-tone frequency modulation spectroscopy
photothermal spectroscopy
intracavity gas detection
interferometric gas detection
deep-sea natural gas hydrate exploration
13CO2/12CO2 isotope ratio detection
TDLAS technique
mid-infrared ICL
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Tytuł :
Mobile Mapping Technologies
Autorzy :
Rodríguez-Gonzálvez, Pablo
Nocerino, Erica
Toschi, Isabella
Chiang, Kai-Wei
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Temat :
cultural heritage
indoor mapping
laser scanning
wearable mobile laser system
3D digitalization
visual landmark sequence
indoor topological localization
convolutional neural network (CNN)
second order hidden Markov model
binary vocabulary
small-scale vocabulary
rapid relocation
terrestrial laser scanning
tunnel central axis
tunnel cross section
enhanced RANSAC
quadric fitting
constrained nonlinear least-squares problem
visual simultaneous localization and mapping
dynamic environment
RGB-D camera
mobile laser scanning
point clouds
2D laser scanner
2D laser range-finder
sensors configurations
Lidar localization system
unmanned vehicle
segmentation-based feature extraction
category matching
multi-group-step L-M optimization
map management
room type tagging
semantic enrichment
Bayesian inference
indoor localization
crowdsourcing trajectory
mobile mapping
3D point clouds
geometric features
motion estimation
trajectory fusion
sensor fusion
optical sensors
robust statistical analysis
portable mobile mapping system
3D processing
point cloud
Vitis vinifera
plant vigor
precision agriculture
vine size
visual positioning
indoor scenes
automated database construction
image retrieval
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Tytuł :
Techniques Involved in Studying Receptor Dynamics
Autorzy :
Neel Jayesh Shah
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Źródło :
Introduction to Basics of Pharmacology and Toxicology : Volume 1: General and Molecular Pharmacology: Principles of Drug Action. :391-394
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Tytuł :
Auto Evaluation of Syntactic Analysis via Blending Word Similarity and Tree Status
Autorzy :
Ruijuan Hu
Huifeng Tang
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Źródło :
Frontier Computing : Theory, Technologies and Applications (FC 2018). :1036-1046
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Tytuł :
Portuguese POS Tagging Using BLSTM Without Handcrafted Features
Autorzy :
Rômulo César Costa de Sousa
Hélio Lopes
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Źródło :
Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Applications : 24th Iberoamerican Congress, CIARP 2019, Havana, Cuba, October 28-31, 2019, Proceedings. :120-130
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Tytuł :
How Important Is POS to Dependency Parsing? Joint POS Tagging and Dependency Parsing Neural Networks
Autorzy :
Hsuehkuan LuAff13 Aff14 Aff15
Lei HouAff13 Aff14 Aff15
Juanzi LiAff13 Aff14 Aff15
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Źródło :
Chinese Computational Linguistics : 18th China National Conference, CCL 2019, Kunming, China, October 18–20, 2019, Proceedings. :625-637
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Tytuł :
A ZigBee Based Architecture for Public Safety Communication in Hurricane Scenario
Autorzy :
Imtiaz Parvez
Yemeserach Mekonnen
Arif I. Sarwat
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Źródło :
Proceedings of the Future Technologies Conference (FTC) 2019 : Volume 2. :493-510
Materiał oryginalny :
The work is an outcome of the research supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under the grant RIPS-1441223 and CAREER-1553494.
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Tytuł :
Detecting and Translating Dropped Pronouns in Neural Machine Translation
Autorzy :
Xin Tan
Shaohui Kuang
Deyi Xiong
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Źródło :
Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing : 8th CCF International Conference, NLPCC 2019, Dunhuang, China, October 9–14, 2019, Proceedings, Part I. :343-354
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Tytuł :
Modeling Machine Learning Agent for Interaction Conversational System Using Max Entropy Approach in Natural Language Processing
Autorzy :
Anil Kumar Negi
Syed Imtiyaz Hassan
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Źródło :
Data Communication and Networks : Proceedings of GUCON 2019. :217-234
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Tytuł :
Methods for Creating Fly Models to Understand the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurological Diseases
Autorzy :
Nandan J.
Sonal Nagarkar-Jaiswal
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Źródło :
Insights into Human Neurodegeneration: Lessons Learnt from Drosophila. :37-54
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Tytuł :
Semantics and Syntax Tagging in Russian Child Corpus
Autorzy :
Polina Eismont
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Źródło :
Language, Music and Computing : Second International Workshop, LMAC 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia, April 17–19, 2017, Revised Selected Papers. :215-224
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Tytuł :
Development of Advanced Flow Diagnostic Techniques to Characterize Aircraft Icing Phenomena
Autorzy :
Hui Hu
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Źródło :
Progress in Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling : Papers Contributed to the 7th Symposium on Hybrid RANS-LES Methods, 17–19 September, 2018, Berlin, Germany. :19-35
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