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Title :
Identification of a differentially expressed gene, ACL, between Meishan × Large White and Large White × Meishan F1 hybrids and their parents
Authors :
Xiong Yuan-Zhua
Jiang Si-Wen
Deng Chang-Yan
Zheng Rong
Xu De-Quan
Li Feng-E
Zuo Bo
Lei Ming-Gang
Wang Lin-Jie
Xu Yong-Jie
Wang Yan
Ren Zhu-Qing
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Subject Terms :
differential gene expression
ATP-citrate lyase
Animal culture
Source :
Genetics Selection Evolution, Vol 40, Iss 6, Pp 625-637 (2008)
File Description :
electronic resource
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Academic Journal
Title :
Inner Nuclear Membrane Protein Lem2 Facilitates Rad3-Mediated Checkpoint Signaling Under Replication Stress Induced by Nucleotide Depletion in Fission Yeast
Authors :
Xu, Yong-jie
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Subject Terms :

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