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Title :
Learning effectiveness of using augmented reality technology in central venous access procedure: an experiment using phantom and head-mounted display
Authors :
Suzuki, Kazufumi
Morita, Satoru
Endo, Kenji
Yamamoto, Takahiro
Fujii, Shuhei
Ohya, Jun
Masamune, Ken
Sakai, Shuji
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Source :
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery: A journal for interdisciplinary research, development and applications of image guided diagnosis and therapy. 16(6):1069-1074
Academic Journal
Title :
Mitochondrial localization of PABPN1 in oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy
Authors :
Doki, Tsukasa
Yamashita, Satoshi
Wei, Fan-Yan
Hara, Kentaro
Yamamoto, Takahiro
Zhang, Ziwei
Zhang, Xiao
Tawara, Nozomu
Hino, Hirotake
Uyama, Eiichiro
Kurashige, TakashiAff5, Aff6
Maruyama, Hirofumi
Tomizawa, KazuhitoAff2, Aff7
Ando, YukioAff1, Aff7
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Source :
Laboratory Investigation: Advancing the understanding of human and experimental disease. 99(11):1728-1740
Academic Journal

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