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Title :
New Quaternary Half-Metallic Materials of the Zt − 28 Rule in LiMgPdSn-Type Heusler Alloys.
Authors :
Jia, L. Y.
Zhao, R. B.
Pan, H.
Shen, J. L.
Yuan, L. Y.
Li, G. K.
Ma, L.
Zhen, C. M.
Hou, D. L.
Xu, J. L.
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Subject Terms :
HEUSLER alloys
RANDOM access memory
AB initio quantum chemistry methods
CURIE temperature
BOHR magneton
Source :
Journal of Superconductivity & Novel Magnetism; Apr2018, Vol. 31 Issue 4, p1067-1072, 6p
Academic Journal
Title :
Transportation of Huanghe River-Discharged-Suspended Sediments in Nearshore of Huanghe River Delta in Conditions of Different Estuary Channels.
Authors :
Xue, X. H.
Li, G . S.
Yuan, L. Y.
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Source :
New Frontiers in Engineering Geology & the Environment; 2013, p111-116, 6p

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