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Didactics of Mathematics, nr 11(15)

Title :
Didactics of Mathematics, nr 11(15)
Contributors :
Balcerowicz-Szkutnik, Maria Red.
Subject :
Publikacje darmowe
Keywords :
affect in mathematics education
eye tracking
scan path
mathematical modeling
heat map
effectiveness of mathematics education
math anxiety
Publication date :
Physical description :
116 s.
Language :
Data provider :
IBUK Libra
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This journal is a continuation of the Dydaktyka Matematyki edited by the Department of Mathematics of Wroclaw University of Economics from 2000. Our main aim is the teaching of mathematics to students of economics. Advances of science should be accompanied by simultaneous progress in education. What is mathematics and how should we teach it? A characteristic feature of mathematics is the internal beauty of the natural logical structures. Moreover mathematics is a science just as biology, physics and economics but only given in an abstract form: that is its strength. Related subjects such as statistics, probability calculus and operations research are also areas of interest. Papers submitted for publication should be written in English or occasionally in Polish with the abstract in English. Key words should also be enclosed, but no more than five. Acceptance for publication is as usual – by the referees. Please keep to the standards given in this issue, and you should also avoid abbreviations.

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