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Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu nr 423. Social Responsibility of Organizations. CSR 1.0, CSR 2.0 and what’s next? : Praca zbiorowa

The presented volume of the Research Papers, devoted to the social responsibility of organizations, refers to the Visser’s concept of CSR 1.0 and CSR 2.0. The concept
does not concern so much the computer science categories but the progress and need to redefine its role in society. It is worth emphasizing that the CSR transition has different features depending on a company and country. It is a complex and diverse process, both from the perspective of time and space.
Within the framework of scientific discussion held on the CSR transition, several key areas of changes are pointed out. Firstly, early CSR understanding, often identifying it with philanthropy, slowly gives way to partnership relations and cooperation based on good communication between a company and a community. Secondly, the initiatives now should not be a minimalist response to social and environmental stakeholders’ expectations but should be initiated by company’s initiatives included in strategic plans and well-thought-out investments. Thirdly, the actions marked by image aspects and “produced” by PR departments will no longer constitute a credible motives confirmation for taking pro-social initiatives by a company. Enterprises will be judged on actual credible initiatives in the area of environment, society and ethics. Fourthly, a specialization (although still valid) will be gradually replaced by performances integrated into core companies’ operations. Fifthly, the effects of pro-social activity of enterprises, being visible as a form of a product or service, should not be any long er aniche project, but should be directed to a wide audience. In other words – it is about converting the “nice-to-have” product to the “must-have” one. Sixthly, the expansion of the CSR concept from the local initiatives to the global venture will allow a more culturally diverse and internationally applied concept.

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