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Prace Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego we Wrocławiu nr. 435 Quality of Life. Human and Ecosystem Well-being

On September 21-22, 2015, 6th International Scientific Conference “Quality of Life 2015. Human and Ecosystems Well-being” was held in Wrocław.
The conference was a part of the cycle of the conferences on the topic of quality of life that have been organized by the Department of Statistics (Wrocław University of Economics) since 1999. The aim of the cycle is to participate in the still rising all over the word wave of scientific studies on quality of life: ethical background and definitions of quality of life, investigating (how to measure it), presenting the results of differences of quality of life over time and space, its interdependences with natural environment, mathematical methods useful for the methodology of measuring quality of life and finally – possible methods of improving it. The conferences are meant to integrate the Polish scientific community doing research on these topics as well as to make contacts with foreign scientists.
This year our honorary guest was Professor Filomena Maggino, past President of International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS), who presented a plenary lecture.
We hosted about 30 participants, among them scientists from Spain, Romania, Italy and Japan. We had 24 lectures on such a variety of topics as carbon footprint and mathematical properties of some estimators. The common background of all of them was to better comprehend, measure and possibly to improve the quality of humans’ life.
The present volume contains the extended versions of some selected lectures presented during the conference. We wish to thank all of the participants of the conference for co-creating very inspiring character of this meeting, stimulating productive discussions and resulting in some potentially fruitful cooperation over new research problems. We wish also to thank the authors for their prolonged cooperation in preparing this volume, the reviewers for their hard work and for many valuable, although anonymous, suggestions that helped some of us to improve their works.
Finally, we wish to thank the members of the Editorial Office of Wrocław University of Economics for their hard work while preparing the edition of this volume, continuous kindness and helpfulness exceeding their duties of the job.

Katarzyna Ostasiewicz

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